Paralegal Headhunters

Paralegal headhunters or paralegal recruiters may be firms or individuals engaging in recruitments of paralegals or legal assistants. Paralegal headhunters are legal recruiters who carry out hiring process on behalf of employers and forward the candidates to employers. These positions or professionals may be paid a fixed salary or only commission depending on their employer. Since the last decade or rather two, organizations have felt that they should perform only those tasks in which they have core competence or what they are good at. Business firms or law firms are good at business or law, so they should engage only in their business activities and other processes like recruitment should be left for those who are good at recruitments. This is indeed a great idea because the workforce today is moving very fast and at times it may be practically impossible to keep track of all the professionals coming in or moving out of the organization. Paralegal headhunters NYC recruit paralegals for law firms or legal departments in the New York City. Paralegal headhunters typically involve in screening resumes or biodata of job seekers available with job sites or job search engines, shortlisting candidates, connecting with or contacting job seekers, carrying out screening of candidates through tests or interviews, following up with both employers and job seekers etc. Paralegal recruiter typically reports to the recruitments manager. Salaries for recruiters go as high as $95000.

Candidates aspiring to be paralegal headhunters may have any qualification from a high school diploma or an associate degree to any higher qualification. Excellent communications skills are very essential skill for this job. Prior experience working in recruitment department is advantageous. Proficiency with the use of computers is essential. An excellent telephone manner and an appeasing personality are essential. A valid driver's license may be required.

These are great opportunities that provide an excellent growth potential where actual earnings go very high if you have the right skills required by the industry. Again these jobs are full of challenges. With time organizational needs in terms of man power have become more and more specific and have called for specific skills even in the recruitment process. There are recruiting agencies which engage only in international hiring or executive search only. USA has a great workforce and the need for professionals is growing day by day, so the recruitment executives have great opportunities to grow.